1. Take a gondola ride to Kok Tyube hill (1100m high) for the best city and mountain view. I recommend to go there an hour before the sunset
2. Visit the mountain skating rink Medeu and Shymbulak ski resort. The second one can be reached by a cable starting at the plaza next to the skating rink.
3. Walk in the park of the first President to see the beautiful gardens and a singing    fountain next to the mountains
4. Visit the Panfilovs' park for Vozvesenskyi cathedral, World War II monument and Kazakh Folk Musical Instruments Museum
5. See the variety of local food and try it at the Oriental Green market (Zelyonyi bazaar)
 6. Explore the history and symbols of Kazakhstan at  the Square  of Independence
7. See one of the shows at Almaty Opera House
8. Try Arasan oriental baths for the unforgettable experience of Turkish, Finish and Russian baths
9. Visit ski jump area and reach its hilltop hosting the national flag and another topview to the city


10. visit the kasteyev museum of art