Q: What prices for the tours depend on?

A: It depends on several factors:

- a guide's background;

- if a guide is also a driver.

*Wonders of Kazakhstan works with a professional transportation company hiring only highly qualified drivers. Being a driver and a guide is not safe taking into account a high car accident rate in KZ; 

- condition of vehicles.

*Wonders of Kazakhstan always have comfortable, clean and reliable cars with AC and etc, providing insurance for the passengers; 

- citizenship of a guide. There are some cases when citizens of other Central Asian states work in Almaty as the guides without official certificates and permission.  


Q: What are the most popular Kazakh dishes?

A:  Kazy - a tender horse sausages, having  garlic and black pepper as only ingredients added to the meat;

Baursaks (fried Kazakh bread). Supposed to be served fresh and hot;

Beshparmak (five fingers) or its also called "yet" (meat). The big pieces of cooked dough (as for lasagna) covered by the freshly boiled lamb or horse meat or beef. The final touch is a rich sauce made of broth with onions. The taste of beshparmak depends on the quality of meat;   

Kurdak is a fried sheep's liver, lungs and heart. Sometimes potato is added.


Q:Can you bargain in Almaty?
A: For taxi ride: Yes, you can negotiate a price (drivers call the price depending on a distance, condition of a car, his/her impudence, etc). Average ride in Almaty downtown typically ranges
KZT 500-1500;
At the markets: Some of the sellers at the Central green bazaar are originally from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, etc. Trading is a part of their culture, and bargaining is a kind of entertainment. Most commonly, overpricing does not exceed 30%, therefore if you bargain and a discount is 30%, it’s a good deal :) 

Q: Where to buy the authentic KZ souvenirs while in Almaty?

A: The search for authentic souvenirs (made in KZ) needs some effort. Almaty craftsmen's spots are located on the edges of the city (in Almarasan mountain valley and next to Almaty arena). However, KZ souvenirs are sold in special stores at the Green market, TSUM (Central Department Store) and Kok Tyube hill, being mixed with almost identical and imported from KG and UZ for a lesser price.

Q  How and where from I can rent a bike in Almaty?

A: I recommend  special bike rental stores. Renting the green bikes from Almaty bike company  requires 3 months  or an annual fee (ranging USD 20 - USD 30) and an official registration at the head office of Almaty bike company or via mobile app.