You'll be driven to Big Almaty Gorge to enjoy the beauty of the mountains a few miles from Almaty. The birds of prey center is located in less than an hour driving distance from the downtown. You will have an interesting excursion at a little zoo. The zoo hosts wolves, falcons, owls, eagles, vultures, etc. 

The incredible and never disappointing show starts at 5 PM.  5 kinds of birds, including golden and bald eagles, owl, vulture, and falcon will demonstrate their hunting skills under the guidance of a professional trainer Pavel. The show duration is 40 min.

Tour Duration: 3 or 5 Hours;
Maximum travelers: 15 
Tour Type: Transport Based;


Outline:3.30 PM - hotel pick up; 4.30PM - we reach Sunkar center and have an excursion; 5 PM -5.45PM - show; 6.30PM - return to the hotel.

Tour Inclusions: Professional guide service, Transportation by comfortable - fully licensed - A/C - Chauffeured car or van is provided according to the group size, water, Tickets to the show, National park permit


Tour Highlights: Big Almaty river, Big Almaty river Dam, Park of the First President, Street of the restaurants



Important info: the bird show is held March-November, Monday is a day off.


Starting 2021, due to a dam construction, the access to the lake is limited. The cars can drive through 6-8 AM, 1-2 PM, 6-7 PM


Tour Price (3 hours): 1 person/$137; 2 people/$72 per person; 3 people/$50 per person; 4 people/$42 per person; 5 people/$35 per person; 6 people/$30 per person, 7 people/$27per person; 8 people/$25per person; 9 people/$23per person; 10 people/$22per person; 11 people/$20per person; 12 people/$20per person13 people/$19per person; 14 people/$18per person; 15 people/$17per person 


Tour Price (5 hours):1 person/$280; 2 people/$145per person; 3 people/$100 per person; 4 people/$80 per person; 5 people/$65 per person; 6 people/$56 per person, 7 people/$50 per person; 8 people/$45per person; 9 people/$41 per person; 10 people/$38 per person; 11 people/$38 per person; 12 people/$36 per person; 13 people/$34 per person; 14 people/$32 per person; 15 people/$30 per person 

Birds of Prey Show

(3-5 hours)