Big Almaty lake (Zhasylkol) is a true gem at a proximity to Almaty city center.  You'll be driven to the 2500 m elevation in less than an hour.* The attitude lake is surrounded by astonishing pine forest, alpine meadows, high snow peaks, and glaciers. The lake has a importance, as a source of fresh water for most households in Almaty.

All the way through the mountains, you will enjoy picturesque views of Alma Arasan (apple nectar) valley, that is famous by its mineral springs, unique vegetation and animals and a craftsmen village. At the end of the tour, by demand, you will enjoy a never disappointing 40 min open-air raptor birds show at "Sunkar" resort.


Important: Due to a dam construction, the road to the lake is opened 6-8 AM and 1-2 PM. Therefore, the recommended time to start the tour  is 6-7 AM or the Noon.

Tour Duration: 3-5 Hours (5 hours if you wish to attend the show of birds of prey )


Tour Type: Transport Based


Tour Highlights:
Park of the First President of Kazakhstan, Big Almaty river, Big Almaty river Dam, Hunting birds center Sunkar, Craftsmen village, Bear Valley, Mineral Springs, Big Almaty Lake

Tour Inclusions: Professional Tour Guide Service, Transportation by comfortable - fully licensed - A/C - Chauffeured car or van is provided according to the group size, National park permit, Tickets to the birds of prey show, water

Important info: the bird show is held March-November, Monday is a day off.

* Starting 2021, due to a dam construction, the access to the lake is limited. The cars can drive through 6-8 AM, 1-2 PM, 6-7 PM 



Tour Price (3 hours) 1 person/$190; 2 people/$100 per person; 3 people/$65 per person; 4 people/$55 per person; 5 people/$45 per person; 6 people/$40 per person, 7 people/$35 person; 8 people/$30 per person; 9 people/$30 per person; 10 people/$25 per person; 11 people/$25per person; 12 people/$25 per person; 13 people/$20 per person; 14 people/$20 per person; 15 people/$20 per person 


Tour Price (5 hours, including the Birds of prey show) 1 person/$280; 2 people/$145 per person; 3 people/$100 per person; 4 people/$80 per person; 5 people/$65bper person; 6 people/$55 per person, 7 people/$50 person; 8 people/$45 per person; 9 people/$40 per person; 10 people/$40 per person; 11 people/$40 per person; 12 people/$35 per person; 13 people/$35 per person; 14 people/$35 per person; 15 people/$30 per person

Big Almaty Lake

(3 or 5 hour tour)