Altyn Yemel National Park occupies the area of 450 thousand hectares and hosts 3 spectacular landforms, such as the Singing Dune 150 m high (day 1), Katutau volcanic rock, and Aktau or the white mountains (day 2).  The next highlight of the tour is the magnificent Charyn canyon on a day 3.

Tour Duration: 3 Days, 950 km including 360 km offroad:

Tour Price:





Tour Inclusions: Professional Guide Service, Transportation by comfortable - fully licensed - A/C - Chauffeured car or van is provided according to the group size, Park permits, Guesthouse stay, Food 


Tour itinerary:

Day 1

9 AM: departure from the city; 

2 PM: reach the national park (Basshy village), getting the permits, lunch at Aigai Kum guesthouse;      

3.30-6PM: tour to the Singing Dune*;

7 PM – dinner at Aigai Kum guesthouse
Day 2

8 -9 AM Breakfast at Aigai Kum guesthouse

9 AM - 5 PM Altyn Yemel: Katutau and Aktau* (offroad only), lunch at Aktau (lunchboxes)

6 PM – return to the guesthouse

7 PM – lunch at Aigai Kum guesthouse
Day 3

8 -9 AM Breakfast at Aigai Kum guesthouse

9AM-1PM drive to Charyn Canyon

1-4PM Charyn canyon* (lunch at a camping area)

 4-8PM drive to Almaty

*spending 2 hours max at the Singing dune, climbing the top of the dune

* 2-hour easy hiking at Aktau

*easy hiking at Charyn – 2 km gradual descent one way, and 2 km gradual lift on a way back (safari jeep for a ride back, if available)


Altyn Yemel National Park and

Charyn canyon (3 days)

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