Altyn Emel National Park occupies the area of 450 thousand hectares and hosts 3 spectacular landforms, such as the Singing Dune 150 m high, Katutau volcanic rock, and Aktau or the white mountains.


    Tour Duration: 2 Days
    Tour Type: Transport Based

    Tour Price:





    Tour itinerary:
    Day 1 - 9 AM departure from the city; 2PM-3.30PM reach
    the national park, getting the permits, lunch;
    3.30-7PM tour to the Singing Dune
    Day 2 - 9 AM - 2 PM Altyn Yemel: Katutau and Aktau (offroad); 2-3PM lunch; 3.30-9PM drive to the city

    Tour Inclusions:
    Transport, Guide Service,
     Park permits, guesthouse stay, food.

    Altyn Yemel National Park

    (2 days)

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