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Greetings to all!

 I'm Alta (Altynai) Yespembetova!



Welcome to the Southern capital Kazakhstan or the city of thousand colors!  

My qualified and friendly guide service will help you to explore the biggest

nomadic country in the world in an interesting, opening, and fun way.

   The tours are focused on well-researched information on Almaty city and

nearby attractions. As a Kazakh guide, native to Almaty,  I offer an insight into

the history, politics, economy, people, and culture of Kazakhstan.

      My general education is Human Geography, with Bachelor degree from Kazakh

State National University, MA degree from Indiana University, USA (2005). My US

thesis was devoted to Tourism Development in Kazakhstan. My general job is

lecturing sustainable development, geography, research methods at the university,

where the educational language is English. I'm an open-hearted person, have great

communication skills, and keep thinking still, in spite of many international travels

I've made, that Almaty is the best city in the world.

     I will assist you also in tour customization and trip planning so you keep the best

memories of Almaty and the country! I'm also easygoing with kids, as a mother of two, 10 and 12.

     The price is negotiable, depending on a transportation you choose (public or private), number of pax, number of reserved tours and a season!